The End of School

I had so many great memories this year and it would take me a hour to list them all. Probably my 3 best memories are:

My third best memory- Macbooks

This year would have been terrible if we didn’t get laptops. They have been a educational tool as well as a device that made us realize things we never knew about.

The second best- Camp

I just got back from the Gr. 5 camp, the best camp ever, and it was great! We were at Cheung Chau and the instructors were from Dragonfly®. When we got there, we went strait to…

You can see the rest of this post on CAMP!

The best- China Trip (Zigen Trip)

The Zigen Trip was the best trip ever. I loved it because I tryed things and did things I might not ever do again in my life. I also ate things I probaly wouldn’t eat and “went” where I would never ever ever go again. You can see another post on Zigen Trip called ZIGEN TRIP!

I love school and wish it wasn’t so short.

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