The End of School

I had so many great memories this year and it would take me a hour to list them all. Probably my 3 best memories are:

My third best memory- Macbooks

This year would have been terrible if we didn’t get laptops. They have been a educational tool as well as a device that made us realize things we never knew about.

The second best- Camp

I just got back from the Gr. 5 camp, the best camp ever, and it was great! We were at Cheung Chau and the instructors were from Dragonfly®. When we got there, we went strait to…

You can see the rest of this post on CAMP!

The best- China Trip (Zigen Trip)

The Zigen Trip was the best trip ever. I loved it because I tryed things and did things I might not ever do again in my life. I also ate things I probaly wouldn’t eat and “went” where I would never ever ever go again. You can see another post on Zigen Trip called ZIGEN TRIP!

I love school and wish it wasn’t so short.


I just saw Sharkwater with my school and we were the first audience to see it in Asia! Even better, the producer was there so we got our questions answered. I think the movie was scary, heart warming and motivating. It showed people shark finning, people bonding with Sharks and explained what we could do.

I think that it was a fantastic movie that should be seen.


I just went on the Zigen trip one week ago and I loved it! I think that it was a amazing, great worth-while event that gave me a great experience. We stayed in 3 hotels, a 4-star, a 1-star and 2-star for 2 nights. They weren’t that bad but each hotel had something bad about them. We went tea-picking, hiking and we even got our own Mandarin-speaking buddy. One of the things I will not forget was either the toilets or traveling. There were almost always squat-toilets that were so disgusting. Then, on the other hand, the bus rides were so long and it kind-of made you want to puke all the time. Then we all so have the food which wasn’t exactly your normal cheeseburger. Best trip ever. (Not including the bad parts)

The Best Student Blog

I think the best student blog is “The Exciting Blog eagle 02” because of a series of reasons.

1. I love the theme.

2. Good, decent widgets.

3. I know him.

Best Class blog?

Eagle 02’s class blog.

They have done it for a long time and are experienced bloggers.

The end.


The Last Challenge

This is the last Challenge for my blog.
I will now tell you how many posts I’ve written, how many were school based or on my own interest, how many comments did I receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students, which post received the most comments and why, which post I enjoyed writing most, if I changed the theme or not and how many widgets I have and if I think it is too much or too little.
1. This is the 39 post.
2. Only 13 were school based.
3. 9 from classmates, teachers and oversea students.
4. The Post, Welcome to my Blog probably because I did a good job for a beginner.
5. The Post CAMP! because I loved the Camp.
6. I changed the Theme once because I got tired of the old one and this one is premium.
7. I have 9 widgets and I think it is the almost perfect amount. 10 widgets would be perfect.

Thank you for reading!

This is not the end so I will see you later.


I just got back from the Gr. 5 camp, the best camp ever, and it was great! We were at Cheung Chau and the instructors were from Dragonfly®.

When we got there, we went strait to our first activity, Pirate Caves. We climbed in the cave and it was pitch-black so we turned on our flashlight. It was actually used for a special Pirate to store their loot. After we did camp craft where we made some bread over a fire.

The next day, we started with mountain biking and then the Great Race. The Great Race was a race over almost all of Cheung Chau where we had to go to different temples, piers, factories to find answers to a bunch of questions. There were around 30 teams of 5 with one teacher each. 3rd prize was a foldable camp cup, 2nd prize was a quick-dry towel and 1st prize was a headlight that can preform two functions, double light and night vision. Can you guess who won 1st pirze?

Yes, my team won. I don’t want to be a show-off so I will tell you what we did on the last day. We started off with rock-climbing and then tie-dye. It was a wine colored shirt because of majority rules. Camp was not bad but the worst part was probably the first dinner. One word, Yuck. All the food was cold and disgusting.

Other than that, this was the best Camp ever!

Over use of facebook

I honestly don’t have a facebook account for a bunch of reasons.
1. Because a certain commenter, (M) said I wasn’t old enough.
2. I think it is too much trouble.
3. I don’t want to become a addict.
4. It doesn’t really make sense.
5. And finally, I might be embarrassed.

So please don’t complain about like, “But it isn’t!” or something like that.

Zigen Trip

I will soon be going on a trip to China! I will be with 29 other students but it is a very special trip that will make a impact on my life. I can’t wait and I will be leaving in two days! I will be gone for 5 days so I won’t be able to check up on my blog so I will try to write a lot. I hope I come back with a lot of comments!

See you soon!